WX Hip Hop is proud to offer the following:


WX Hip Hop Studios offer classes in Street and Hip Hop Dancing, which means that the classes are geared towards achieving a proficiency in ALL the different Street and Hip Hop Styles (explained further down). People eager to learn all these styles are welcome to join a class environment at the appropriate level.

WX Hip Hop developed its own dancer program based on knowledge from the pioneers themselves and structured this program in Beginner to Advance Levels in the different styles.

We offer two types of class environments:

  1. Street Dance/Hip Hop development classes for ages 4 – Adult – Learn Street Dance/Hip Hop Styles from beginner to Advance levels.
  2. Style Specific Classes – These classes are for all ages starting out. Dancers may choose to specialize in a style such as Popping and B-Boy.

All Development classes incorporate Hip Hop and ALL street dance Styles from Foundation up.

Dancers in the studio take part in our Annual Show scheduled October/November each year.


WX Hip Hop will send one of its existing Instructors / Choreographers to your studio to host a 90minute workshop. Workshops may include a style or styles covered, but may also refer to work done on a Masters level with existing Hip hop Dancers.

Street & Hip Hop Dance Intensive:

WX Hip Hop also offers 1 day Intensives.  These events normally include six workshops at one low cost including a master class.

Workshops are being held all over the country, so be sure to check out our Events page for more information.


For bookings please contact us directly:  admin@wxhiphop.co.za

Instructors/Teachers Courses

WX Hip Hop is proud to announce our unique Instructors Course geared towards people who are either working dancers, previously trained dancers or those who have the desire to teach in a studio of their own or a resident studio.

The actual Instructors Course detail available on request, but include rigorous Training in all the different Styles:

(refer section on Hip Hop and Street Styles being covered.)

For bookings please contact us directly:  admin@wxhiphop.co.za

Solo / Duo / Group Choreography

WX Hip Hop Instructors are available to assist in Solo / Duo and/or Group Choreography. Dancers meet Instructors at the WX Hip Hop Premises for all sessions.

Note: Our Instructors are trained in ALL Hip Hop and Street Dance Styles having worked with some of the top international names and Pioneers in the Industry.

For bookings please contact us directly:  admin@wxhiphop.co.za