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  1. I Started with styles such as breakin, popping and boogstyle in 1983/84 after watching Beat Street, Breakin’ and Breakdance 2. 1984 was really the year that I started with the styles as we didn’t have anyone in South Africa that could teach the styles, so we had to purchase the VHS copies of the movies and learn from there. Back then we performed in Shopping Centres and Hair Salons in central Johannesburg.
  2. 1984 – 1988: As the years past I became more comfortable with the styles, but also caught on to the New Jack Swing era where artists such as Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley and MC Hammer (to name a few) sparked my interest in the party dance scene and all the moves they did in their music videos.
  3. Early Nineties: These were my prime club years where I did mostly combinations between House, Hip House, Hip Hop, Break and a mixture of rocking and locking. I also got introduced to waackin (didn’t know what it was called though), but put my own flavour on it to make it more me. Danced for the hit group back then Reel 2 Real when they toured the country with their hit song “I Like to Move it Move It”.

We used to get together in groups and jam learning from each other constantly. Did mostly Club Dance battles and became Street Dancer of the year quite a few times, winning these battles.

  1. 1998 – 2002: My personal growth in the different styles took preference and I spent A LOT of time with these styles. Hip Hop and Hip House was my favourite, but it was always mixed with elements of other styles.
  2. 2003: Started working with other Crews that actually developed into winning groups, so that year was a good start for me in what was becoming a “commercial” industry.
  3. 2004: Worked on a big TV project involving the whole South African street dance community, but unfortunately the show got cancelled before it started due to financing.
  4. 2005 – 2008: I continued with Dance Development in South Africa especially amongst street dancers and crews both commercially and non-commercially. Choreographed more crews that went on to win local competitions and started training teachers involved in studios that taught what they believed to be “Hip Hop Dance”. Started the WX Hip Hop Brand and together with various entities started to grow the Industry and its teachers from the ground up. In October 2007 we also hosted Shane Sparks in South Africa and that opened doors to more international choreographers and pioneers.
  5. 2009: I was chosen to represent SA as a judge at the HHI World Championship for the first time.
  6. 2010: Became Head Judge for the local HHI qualifying rounds – Dance 2 Las Vegas. Also the South African Judges representative to the HHI World Championships for a 2nd
  7. 2011 – Present: Actively involved in the Heart of the Groove show series as well as Dance for Growth annual dance competition. 2011, 2012 and 2014 active on the HHI world judging panel. In 2016 I became the Technical Director for Hip Hop Dance South Africa, the only Dance Sport affiliated company able to give SA and Protea Colours to Dancers.
JP Saayman
Head Choreographer and Owner of The Kingdom’s Dance Academy (formerly Dance Infatuation), JP Saayman started the studio in 2013 so that he can extend his knowledge to the future of this industry in South Africa and help them not only to be ready to compete at the highest level, but to extend his belief in Psalms 149:3 “Let them praise His name with the dance”

In his few short years after starting Hip-Hop he has been chosen to represent South Africa numerous times and quickly became known in the street dance scene.

Locally he has been involved in the choreographing of a number of big productions as well as competition winning groups.

He has won various big competitions including Battle of the Giants, UDO South Africa etc.

Internationally he has received input and been judged by pioneers of the industry such as Popping Pete, Boogaloo Sam, Buddha Stretch etc.

Biggest Achievements:


  • 2013: Represented South Africa at the UDO World Street Dance Championships where heplaced top 8 in the World.
  • 2014: Represented South Africa at the Hip-Hop International event in Las Vegas which is oneof the world’s biggest stages. www.hiphopinternational.com
  • 2015: Represented South Africa at the IDO World Street Dance Championships in Rimini, Italyand place amongst the Top 25.
  • 2018: Placed 3rd in the world in the Open Section at the ESDU World Dance Masters inCroatia.


  • 2014 – 2017 Dance For Growth Senior Crew winners by Infatuated Crew.
  • 2015: Aiden Greeff represented South Africa at the IDO Street Dance World Championshipand placed 3rd in the world in the u/11 Electric Boogie section.
  • 2016: Infatuated Crew became Gauteng National Hip-Hop Day Small Group champions.
  • 2017: We sent our first ever group of dancers overseas to the ESDU World Dance Masters in

Croatia: Infatuated Crew – 5th Place

Lou-Hanri Steyn – 5th Place

Sage Beukes – 10th Place

Lizaan van Wyk – 10th Place

  • 2017: Aiden Greeff represented South Africa at Hip Hop International in Las Vegas in PoppingBattles where he competed against people of all ages and against some of the best in theworld and became the youngest dancer (aged 11) in history to make it through to the Top 16out of 80+ dancers.
  • 2017: Infatuated Crew won the Hip-Hop section and placed overall 2nd in the popular tvseries Dans in Jou Taal on KykNet which is a national competition.
  • 2018: Became 2nd year running Hip-Hop Champions for the popular tv series Dans In Jou Taalon KykNet with The Truth Crew.
  • 2019: Six of our dancers will again be representing South Africa at the ESDU World DanceMasters in Croatia.
Karla Saayman
My name is Karla Saayman, I am 23 years old. My aim as a hip hop dance teacher is to extend my knowledge of Hip Hop and other street styles to the future generations of this industry with the goal of getting them ready to compete at the highest level both nationally and internationally.

My passion is to preach the gospel of Jesus through dancing to make sure every dancer knows they are worthy, have a positive input in their confidence and in their lives and aim to show everyone that God is the creative One who inspires us in our dance careers.

Over the years I have achieved the following:

  • 2014: Dance For Growth, Bboy Battles winner
  • 2015: Redbull BC One South Africa, Johannesburg Qualifier placed Top 8.
  • 2015: Battle of The Giants, Bboy Battles 2nd place.
  • 2015 – 2017: Performances for corporate companies including Vodacom, Old Mutual etc.
  • 2016: Winner of Popular TV Show, Turn Up and Dance episode 1.
  • 2017: Winner of Dance For Growth Solo, Duo and Advanced Battle Sections.
  • 2018: Achieved 4th place at the ESDU Dance Star World Masters in Croatia.
  • 2018: Winner of Dance For Growth Solo, Advanced Battle Section and Overall Best Adult Solo.
  • 2018: Qualified at DanceStar SA to represent SA at the ESDU World Dance Masters in Croatia.

Armand Pretorius

Armand Pretorius is a South African dancer who grew up in Reitz, a small town in the Free State. He started his Hip-Hop dance training at the age of ten.

In 2014, he represented South Africa at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, where he was one of the top 5 dance finalists and the Division Winner in Hip-Hop and Musical Character (age 16 and over).

After matriculating from high school in 2016, he moved to Centurion to study and to continue his dance training at WX Hip Hop Dance Academy.

Armand has appeared in a few commercial campaigns and music videos and has taught alongside international choreographers at the Moov Dance Convention.

In 2018, he was the main choreographer for an independent short film, “Heartbeat”. Armand also competed at Hip Hop International’s World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2021 as part of the Triiivelation Crew, where he represented South Africa.

In 2021, he also competed in the Gauntlet Battle Hip Hop Open Section, where he came in first place.

He is a proud instructor at the WX Hip Hop Dance Academy and is still competing and choreographing as part of the WX Company.