About Us: How The WX Brand Started

During the last term of 2001 WX founder, Andre Calitz choreographed a Hip Hop routine for the National Hip Hop Championships and this routine went on to take gold at the event. Coming from a Street Dance background Andre saw the need for Street and Hip Hop Dance development in S.A.

Over the next few years our aim was to help develop established studios, offering Hip Hop and Street Dance training, which included assistance in choreography and making sure that teachers at the various schools fully understand the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry.

WX Hip Hop initially started in 2005 as “Dance Creation”, a workshop studio offering training to existing Hip Hop Dancers, but as awareness increased

“Dance Creation” soon started offering beginner, intermediate and Master classes. 2007 saw the launch of the official WX Hip Hop Brand and with it a wider variety of style teachings, workshops, events (Shane Sparks S.A. Tour 2007), adjudicating and ties with some of the top international choreographers in the industry.

WX Hip Hop is now proud to be a fully established Street Dance Company promoting Street and Hip Hop Dance development in both the commercial and underground Hip Hop scene.

WX Hip Hop is a strong and radical Christian organisation promoting the Gospel through dance and will continue to do so for many years to come.


Equip dancers to become rooted and anchored to step into the
Hip Hop & Street Dance Industry.

Mission Statement

With Jesus Christ as the CEO, the WX Hip Hop Team strives to fulfil the need for proper Dance Education and Teaching in South Africa, backed by 31 years’ experience in the Street Dance Industry. We emphasise the authenticity of Street and Hip Hop Dance both in theory and in practice, making sure that all dancers are competition, stage and industry (local and international) ready.

Every dancer is developed to their fullest potential while staying true to the Hip Hop culture; knowing where their talents come from.

WX Hip Hop stands for:

  • Proper and thorough Hip Hop and Street Dance education
  • Local Hip Hop Development with South African as well as International Exposure (working with international choreographers every year and taking part in prestigious international competitions and shows.)
  • Strong Christian Principals and promoting the Gospel through dance.