Breakin’ It Down

Mastering a Style can be a gruelling task, but only without the proper break down structure.

Foundation, foundation, foundation…that’s what’s up if you starting out.

Let us show you how to differentiate between styles and correctly execute the different elements that make up Hip Hop and Street Dance. Allow your own Groove to bind the movement together…

If it’s your first time in a Hip Hop or Street Class, No Problem! We teach you the Groove and let it develop naturally from there…

Instructors going the extra mile

Pioneers is what made Street Dance what it is today, so it’s vital to learn from these Masters in their own right… Our Instructors once again took it to the next level, hooking up with some of the big names in the Industry …

“The more we work with the Pioneers and choreographers, the more respect we get for the Industry…It feeds our passion, and gives us the edge.. This means producing top class dancers in South Africa”.

“We believe in staying humble, knowing where our talent comes from. No dancer is insignificant; we spent time training even the freshest kid on the block.”

WX Hip Hop Founder and Head Choreographer on the HHI World Hip Hop Judging Panel!

Andre Calitz once again represented South Africa as a Judge at the HHI World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

“Every year is an experience and the growth in the Industry is off the charts… Can’t wait to see what next year and the year after will bring.”

It is so much more important for our dancers to grow in the industry and WX Hip Hop will make sure you grow the authentic way… Join us on this journey…